Jeux de rôle - Jeux de rôle VO - RPG: Werewolf The Apocalypse - ShadowLords

Jeux de rôle VO RPG: Werewolf The Apocalypse - ShadowLords
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The Gathering Storm

For countless centuries, they have endured the rule of weaker Garou.
They have sacrificed nothing but scorn in return. They use weapons shunned by the other tribes, and have contacts and pawns in the most dangerous places. Now they are ready to come into their own. The balance of power is about to shift...

Lords of Thunder and Darkness

The hidden strenghs of the most cunning tribe come to light with the newest Revised Tribebook "Tribebook: Shadow Lords". Explore the hidden paths of power within Grandfather Thunder's tribe, and learn the secrets that drove the Lords down their dark road. Take up the burden of doing the shadow work of the Garou Nation, and win your own place among the hierarchy of Lords. And don't be afraid to get your hand dirty - in this tribe, results are what matters.

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