Jeux de rôle - Jeux de rôle VO - RPG: Werewolf The Apocalypse - Hengeyokai

Jeux de rôle VO RPG: Werewolf The Apocalypse - Hengeyokai
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This is not your land, Gai-jin...

For centuries, the hengeyokai - the secretive shapeshifters of the East - have maintained themselves against the incursions of the Western world. Tales of goblin spiders, mischievous fox-women, chattering ravens and mighty dragons abound from India's rivers to the islands of Japan. But as the West and its creatures invade the sacred homelands, the Hengeyokai watch the Wheel of Ages grind ever-closer toward an Age of Darkness.

And your ways ar not our ways !

"Hengeyokai" contains all the material that players and Storytellers need to create stories of the East and its strange creatures. Here is a complete view of the shapeshifters that populate the lands of the East - their beliefs, their ways, their powers. Also included is the Changing Breed book for the Kitsune fox-shifters, and the tribal spread and Gifts for the Garou tribe of the Stargazers, who recently returned to their Eastern homelands.

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