Jeux de rôle - Jeux de rôle VO - RPG: Spycraft Shadowforce Archer - The Hand of Glory

Jeux de rôle VO RPG: Spycraft Shadowforce Archer - The Hand of Glory
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Evil Never Dies In 1945, victory was seized from the jaws of the greatest evil of the 20th century. Now, a new threat rises from the ashes of the Nazi regime, a criminal organization with dreams of global domination powered by the might of a living god. Wielding the greatest and most feared powers of the Ancients and the unearthed power of countless mystic relics, the Hand of Glory stands poised to topple the delicate balance the Archer Foundation so desperately fights to protect. Only your agents stand between the unwitting masses and a terrifying Fourth Reich bent on reengineering the world in the image of a fallen occult empire! This vision of conquest at all cost includes. . . Everything you need to create and field cunning Hand of Glory threats - or rogue Hand of Glory agents working for the Archer Conspiracy! Many new agent options, including two new departments, one new base class (the explorer), and expanded feat trees. An entirely new branch of gadget design - Fringe Science! Use seeker talismans to locate relics, transmog guns to destabilize the atomic structure of any object, or gouge beetles to bring back the dead! Advanced rules for playing mystics of all types, including many new fringe and mystic feats, higher Thirst levels, global modifiers for every day of the year, new invocations, new relics, and four new prestige classes! Two major threats commanded by the Hand of Glory, fully fleshed out and integrated into the official Shadowforce Archer history, including die Spinne's espionage network and the College of Archaeology! NPC Classes! Now, the Game Control can offer new depth and customizable powers to his characters. Ten new NPC classes tailored just for the Hand of Glory, but useful in any Spycraft or Shadowforce Archer campaign. A new episode of the continuing global SFA Interactive campaign, featuring dozens of new plot hooks (both linked to threats and free-standing) and a new prop-driven Hook Sheet!

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